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Hinge III (NSO)
33mm is the thickness of door. Recommended weight of door is below 40KG











Installation: Insert the door guard in the slot as showed in the guide, and fasten it with screws (Mind the vertical direction of the door guard)

1. Fix the hinge in the slot of the frame
2. Align the axis of the lower hinge with the hole as showed in the guide (no insertion). Align the upper hinge with the hole and insert it in the hole.

Adjustment value and adjustment of hinge

Forward and backward adjustment value

-2 - 2mm

Up and down adjustment value

-2 - 2mm

Left and right adjustment value

-2 - 2mm

If the cases below happen, you can adjust the hinge with a screwdriver.
Loosen screws before the adjustment and fasten screws after the adjustment.

1. tilt for forward and backward


Adjustment accomplished

2. Clearance uneven
3.tilt for lift and right
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